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Ayurveda is the science of life, not exclusive to just either physical or mental health. It is the science of achieving holistic wellbeing.

While massages, oils and natural herbs used for detoxifying can surely help towards achieving good health, they are only parts of the Ayurvedic process. Ayurveda guides us to achieve a constant state of wellbeing through a combination of aromatic oil massages, herbal medicines, conscious eating habits and physical and mental exercises.

Ayurveda maybe rightly considered one of the most natural paths back into you.

Extended over almost 8000 sq ft of space, the Favourite Kerala Ayurveda and Spa takes inspiration from the subtleties of nature. The panoramic view of the Arabian Sea stretching out unendingly sets the mood for rejuvenation. Light tones used on the walls across the facility add to the unhurried feel.

The Favourite Spa has its own specialized Ayurvedic Doctor, Panchakarma Therapists and traditional medicines sources from Kerala. Our treatments include signature Ayurveda therapies like abhyangsnana, synchronised abhyangasnana, chavuttithirumu and Kalari massage; eye therapies; and head and back therapies.

Hours: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

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Signature Spa Treatments - The Raviz Kovalam

Signature Spa Treatments

We have a range of body treatments and therapies to help you unwind. Choose from aromatherapy, reflexology or hot-stone massages, among others. Guests can choose from a host of therapies from all over the world, which include a range of Aromatherapies, Swedish massage, hot-stone massage and reflexology, each of which immensely benefit the body.

For instance, aromatherapy, an ancient art that evolved into the modern times, uses aromatic essence of plants to help balance and harmonise the elements in your body. A hot-stone massage is another form of natural therapy, for those who prefer light massage to get rid of their muscle tension.

At Favourite Kerala Ayurveda and Spa, we bring you international treatments and therapies that suit individual needs so that they revitalise you—mind, body and soul. Our products, sourced from all over the world, are made from the purest and most natural ingredients without a trace of synthetic or chemical additives.

Shed your stresses of daily living with our massages and body treatment that help you loosen tensed muscles. For those looking beyond Swedish massages, we offer aromatherapy sports-and-fitness massage and hot-stone massage.

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For table reservations,
please call +91 (471) 305 1234.
email spa.kovalam@theleela.com

Wellness Treatments - The Raviz Kovalam


Become active participants in your quest for a healthy and fulfilling life. Choose from tailor-made holistic therapies to suit your constitution.

When you actively seek to make your life healthy and gratifying, you set off on the path towards wellness. Indeed, wellness is more than even staying free from diseases and discomforts. Wellness begins within, translating through physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellness, into the world outside, extending to the environmental, occupational and even financial wellness.

At the Favourite Kerala Ayurveda and Spa, we provide yoga packages that suit your requirements. The Basic Yoga package is suited for those who are aiming at weight-loss and a life-style change. The package introduces you to fat-burning exercises as well as yoga exercises for for eyes and neck, basic Asanas, Yoga Nidhra and Praanayaama.

The Intermediate Yoga package includes classical Asanas, Surya Namaskara, Yoga Nidhra, Praanayaama, Mudras and meditation, while the Advanced Yoga package includes classical Asanas and its variations, Surya Namaskara, Yoga Nidhra, Pranayama, Shat Karmas, Mudras & Bandhas and meditation.

Ask your relationship manager about our tantalising cuisine made from home-grown organic vegetables to add to your experience here.

Salon - The Raviz Kovalam


Welcome to Warren Tricomi, the state-of-art salon at The The Raviz Kovalam, with a repertoire of trends straight from the runway of New York. The services extend beyond your tress. Pamper your senses with Clarins rituals and authentic Ayurveda Rituals with Forrest Essentials and OPI for Nails. Men can benefit from the expert advice on beard and moustache grooming. For brides and brides-to-be, we have an exclusive room or bridal services. Rest assured, this is the one-stop solution for all your beauty needs.

For table reservations,
please call: +91 (471) 305 1688 .
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