Putting the palate in palatial with the Raviz Kovalam Royal Thali!

Indian cricketing sensation Rohit Sharma gives the go ahead before digging into the exquisite Raviz Kovalam Royal Thali during his stay at the hotel during the India-West Indies match in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

The Royal Thali gives this explosive batsman an array of delectable treats that can match his own range of cricketing shots on the field!

The Royal Thali is a handpicked assortment of local delicacies from the erstwhile princely state region of Travancore, consisting mainly of vegetarian treats using locally grown vegetables, herbs and spices.

The dazzling array of dishes takes one through the complete palate of tastes from sweet and spicy to everything in between.

To top it off, the traditional cooking style of Kerala favours steaming and mild flavours that complement the clean and fresh organic ingredients, for a healthy and hearty meal.

What better way to treat an iconic Indian sportsperson than a healthy and memorable gastronomic experience at the Raviz Kovalam with a beautiful cliff top ocean view to match.