In keeping with the changing face of Kerala, we, at the Raviz, are evolving too. With brand-new gourmet concepts, experiences that leave you spell-bound, and destinations that cater to every traveler – Raviz is set to redefine your Kerala experience. A beautiful amalgam of the traditional and modern, the Raviz Hotels & Resorts offer a window into God’s Own Country.

The Raviz Ashtamudi

Just a short drive away from the busy city of Kollam is The Raviz Ashtamudi. The palatial resort, the meandering Ashtamudi Lake and the serene environs is a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Raviz Ashtamudi

The Raviz Kovalam

Kovalam means a grove of coconut trees and true to its name, the village offers an endless sight of coconut trees. Kovalam is an internationally renowned beach with three adjacent crescent beaches.

The Raviz Kovalam, Trivandrum
The Raviz Kadavu, Kerala

The Raviz Kadavu

Malabar region is an area of southern India lying between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. The name is thought to be derived from the Malayalam words mala (hill) and vaaram (range, region), westernised into bar.

The Raviz Calicut, Kerala

The Raviz Calicut

A new addition to the Raviz family, The Raviz Calicut is an iconic landmark in the heart of Calicut City. The 15 storey edifice is the epitome of understated luxury, tasteful excellence and culinary distinction.


Favourite Kerala Ayurveda & Spa is a unique wellness destination brand of Raviz Hotels & Resorts. Going by the ethos of The Raviz, we provide traditional and authentic Ayurveda at our exotic treatment destinations.

Favourite Kerala Ayurveda offered by the RAVIZ Hotels & Resorts is certified and classified with “GREEN LEAF”, the top notch rating for Ayurveda Centres by Department of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala.

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing”

Camille Pissarro

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Raviz Specialities

Delectable culinary options, breathtaking views and intuitive service remain the mainstay of the Raviz Hotels & Resorts. To complement this winning combination, we now present a host of experiences that are curated to create your most memorable moments.


Sun-kissed beaches, serene backwaters, the rolling green mountains-Kerala is truly God’s Own Country. And when you are planning a visit to this beautiful land, you have to opt for the best of experiences. This is where the Raviz Group of hotels comes in. At the Raviz Group of Hotels, we offer you world-class comforts in a typical Kerala setting. Our luxury hotels -The Raviz Kovalam, The Raviz Ashtamudi, The Raviz Kadavu and The Raviz Calicut – are situated in 5-star holiday destinations dotting the state. Be it a vacation or a destination wedding or an adventure trip, we have just perfect experience for you at our various properties.

The Raviz Kovalam is a landmark 5-star resort hotel at Kovalam. Kovalam, one of the most popular 5-star holiday destinations in Trivandrum needs no introduction. The Raviz Kovalam with its spectacular view of the ocean, world-class comforts, and finger-licking delicacies takes the pride of the place among the various resorts dotting the beach. The Raviz Kovalam tops the list of 5-star luxury hotels in Trivandrum, 5-star spa hotels in Kerala and 5-star resorts in Kerala.

Away from the busy cities, yet close to all its comforts, The Raviz Ashtamudi at Kollam and The Raviz Kadavu offer you a unique experience of the rustic village life around without compromising on the world-class comforts. These luxury resort hotels also offer 5-star spa comforts amid the typical Kerala settings.

To explore the ancient port town of Calicut also known as Kozhikode, you have to stay at our luxurious The Raviz Calicut. The hotel tops the list of star hotels in Calicut and offers the best of all comforts.

May the best memories of your trip to Kerala begin with one of the best 5-star hotels in Kerala. We invite you to try it and feel the difference.