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The Raviz Resort & Spa Ashtamudi

Standing grand by the banks of the famous Ashtamudi Lake of Kollam, Kerala – The Raviz Resort & Spa Ashtamudi offers modern comforts within the confines of a traditionally-architectured getaway. Being one of the most serene backwater resorts in Kerala, it’s an idyllic retreat for travellers looking to enjoy the vitality of nature.

Influenced by the Nallukettu style of architecture of Kerala, The Raviz Ashtamudi is a beautiful amalgam of traditional styles meeting a contemporary presentation. With several verdant locations on the property that naturally lend itself to cozy functions and the Raviz Convention Centre that can be used for any grand gathering.

The property also houses an expansive facility of our Favourite Kerala Ayurveda Spa – one of the biggest yet with – treatment rooms in the heritage and new towers.

So, be it the famous President’s Trophy Boat Race – a Vallam Kali hosted on the Ashtamudi Lake on November 1st of every year to mark Kerala Piravi – birth of the Indian state of Kerala, or a detour as you explore the Southern part of Kerala, The Raviz Resort & Spa Ashtamudi is an ideal stopover to rejuvenate before you set off on the rest of the journey, but also a perfect honeymoon destination in Kerala for the newlyweds.

Distance from Thiruvananthapuram Airport – 71 KM
Distance from nearest railway station (Kollam Junction) – 5 KM



The heritage wing, the centuries-old cottages on the property and the comfortable houseboats will charm any honeymooning couple. On the other hand, the new tower holds the promise of a comfortable and memorable experience to a corporate audience too. Thus, The Raviz Resort & Spa Ashtamudi is home to 93 rooms in the Heritage Wing and the Tower Block.

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We have chosen a range of delicacies from across the world, including Kerala, for you to savour while you stay with us. Be it the spread of a European breakfast, an Oriental lunch or a Kerala Sadhya, you will be spoilt for choice.

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Celebrating India

The Ashtamudi Lake hosts the legendary Kerala Piravi Vallamkali that is celebrated on the 1st of November every year. And the mega festivities attract guests, not just Indian but international too, from various corners of the world. We, at the Raviz Ashtamudi, are proud to partner with this landmark event.

As the much sought after backwaters, Ashtamudi Kayal (Lake) is a must-visit on almost every serious traveller’s list. Tourist attractions in the vicinity of Kollam include the picturesque small town of Thangassery that earned its reputation as the original Pepper trading town, the trekkers’ paradise ‘Thenmala’, the misty mountains and lush greens around Palaruvi Waterfalls, the Thevally Palace – abode of the King of Travancore, the Munroe Island – a famed spot on the Ashtamudi Lake itself, and finally the Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary.

Vallam Kali at Ashtamudi Kayal - The Raviz Ashtamudi


Backwater Resorts in Kerala

There is something about nature that calls out to most people whenever they need a break from their routine humdrum life. It could just be a stroll in the park, sun-gazing at the beach or gliding through blue-green waters in a boat. The silence and serenity, the soothing natural colors or even the seemingly unending horizons and vistas out in the open all call out to your inner self; it inspires you to rejuvenate the spirit and steep in the rustic beauty of heavenly nature.

And where else would you find all this natural beauty but in the backwater resorts in Kerala, especially in Kollam, the ancient seaport city where you can enjoy a unique combination of golden beaches, lush greenery and a huge lake spanning the most scenic backwaters. It’s also one of the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala; and to top it all, there are quite a number of classy backwater resorts located here where you can stay and enjoy this bounty of nature coupled with the legendary Indian hospitality.

Come to one of the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala and enjoy the famous backwaters in Kollam that start at the palm frond-shaped Ashtamudi Lake which covers an area of almost 62 square kilometers. The whispering blue-green waters surrounded by the majestically towering palms creates mesmerizing views as you glide by on one of the famous country boats that ply the backwater routes which stretch out all the way to Allapuzha. These houseboats are an ideal getaway for honeymooners, with nothing to disturb their privacy except the ripples of the silent waters or the sweet call of birds. Made entirely of locally sourced wood and constructed the same way they were more than 500 years ago during the time of the maharajas, these floating beauties are an amazing sight to behold. They come fully equipped with well-trained staff, modern kitchen and bathrooms as well as luxuriously-appointed AC bedrooms.

What’s more, luxury resorts like the Raviz Resort & Spa located on the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake also offer these dreamy houseboat rides and are one of the best honeymoon resorts in Kerala. And if the resort staff gets the tiniest hint that you are on your honeymoon, you will be given extra-lavish care too! There are special honeymoon packages available here to make this momentous new beginning in your life a more memorable one. Come stay at one of the best backwater resorts in Kerala and enjoy unforgettable hospitality.

Getting to Kollam is easy as there are highway and rail connections available aside from the Trivandrum International Airport being just 72km away.